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Public invited to view Burlington housing strategy

Public invited to view Burlington housing strategy

Burlington’s housing strategy will be presented to council on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. Residents and stakeholders are invited to review the documents here. Those wishing to delegate at the meeting can complete the online delegation registration form or email the Office of the City Clerk at by noon on Monday, June 6.

The strategy envisions a shift away from the current housing profile of single-family homes that are owned, to a mix of housing types including multi residential. The report stresses the need to have rental options to meet needs of a range of unit mixes, sizes and accessibility needs. Rental housing provides an important ingredient in ensuring that there is a range of housing options across the housing continuum.

Some other report highlights:

The demand for rental units in Burlington continues to outpace supply. As a result, finding rental units in Burlington is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for residents of low and middle income. The background research completed to date suggest that there will be a shift in preference toward rental housing options over the longer-term, and at least 200 rental units will need to be added to the City’s supply on an annual basis. The rental unit demand will continue to increase as people are pushed out of the ownership market and into the rental market.

The City’s current housing stock is primarily composed of single-detached dwellings. Single detached dwellings are the most expensive and most land-extensive built form. There is an important need to diversify the existing housing stock to include additional semi-detached, townhouse, mid-rise, high rise, and alternative housing forms.

One of the main points of influence the City can have as a lower-tier municipality, will be to leverage relationships with upper levels of government and local community organizations to advocate for housing affordability and foster partnerships for the delivery of housing to address needs across the housing continuum.

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