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Province sees highest COVID hospitalizations since July

Ontario is reporting 435 cases of #COVID19 as more than 43,200 tests were completed. Locally, there are 131 new cases in Toronto with 110 in Peel and 45 in Ottawa, meaning   almost two-thirds of the new cases came from the three COVID hotspots. 64% of today’s cases are in people under the age of 40. Meanwhile, there were 100 cases requiring hospitalization — the first time since July 24 there were 100 or more hospitalized COVID patients. ICU cases were up by 3 to 28 and cases on a ventilator up by 2 to 15.

With regard to yesterdays early closing clampdown on restaurants and bars and the complete closure of strip clubs Health Minister Christine Elliott said in a statement, “”Last week our government took immediate action to respond to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, by setting new limits for certain social gatherings and organized public events across Ontario. As the number of cases have continued to rise, it is evident that despite the tremendous efforts of Ontarians further action is required to prevent the spread of the virus.” On the advice of Ontario’s public health officials, we are moving forward with these measures to help keep Ontarians safe by limiting the potential for exposure in locations where the current risk of transmission is higher, and to avoid future lockdowns. Protecting the health and wellbeing of Ontarians will always remain our top priority.”

In addition, the province will work with the municipal sector and other partners to encourage increased enforcement of existing businesses, facilities, workplaces, etc. to comply with all public health and workplace safety measures and restrictions in the Stage 3 regulation.

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