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Prostate diagnosis just got better at St. Joes

Prostate diagnosis just got better at St. Joes

A new piece of equipment will help reduce the number of biopsies required for Prostate cancer investigations. St Joe’s

Hospital is home to the region’s first Magnetic Resonance Imaging- Ultrasound (MRI-US) Biopsy System – and it was funded entirely through donations from the community.

MRI-US Biopsy helps radiologists to better identify aggressive cancers with the potential to spread, and differentiate them from lower-risk lesions that can safely go untreated. It’s considered the new standard of care in prostate cancer surveillance and diagnosis.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation raised more than $300,000 to help the Hospital purchase this piece of equipment. Several  patients, donors and community groups made donations to the campaign, while local businessmen Gabe Macaluso, Matteo Sacco and Stefano Girgenti hosted a concert fundraiser featuring former Glass Tiger frontman Alan Frew in February 2022 that raised an additional $60,000 for the cause.

Dr. Bobby Shayegan is a Urologist and the Deputy Chief of Surgery at St. Joe’s. He’s also one of the country’s top urologic robotic surgeons. Dr. Shayegan says MRI-US Biopsies will improve the detection of high-risk prostate cancers while decreasing the number of unnecessary and repeat biopsies performed. “A traditional biopsy surveys tissues from across the entire prostate and repeat biopsies are often needed to ensure nothing of clinical significance gets missed,” explains Dr. Shayegan. “But with the accuracy of an MRI-US fusion biopsy, our teams can pinpoint suspicious lesions and target biopsies to only the areas of concern. The result is faster, more accurate diagnoses, and less invasive testing.”

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