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Home Opinion Possible answers on  Hamilton Farmer’s Market only 90 minutes away

Possible answers on  Hamilton Farmer’s Market only 90 minutes away

Opinion by David Borsellino

So it seems council is considering another consultation on our Farmers Market to the tune of 200, 000 dollars . On a recent trip to London Ontario I had the pleasure of visiting their Covent Garden Farmers Market in the heart of the city. What a wonderful experience ! Bright , inviting , vibrant   local  and CROWDED. Perhaps rather than hire a consultant, city  staff could drive to London , bring a clipboard and study a fine example of best practices . Including gas and a day’s salary for two employees it would save the city 199, 000 dollars .  Another fine example of ” value ” for our tax dollar !?  David Borsellino , Hamilton


  • No more money needs to be spent on consult. There are wonderful markets visit them and copy the best. The Hamilton farmers market has always had a dark dank damp vibe. It is a basement and even after the bigger windows it still feels like a basement.
    The businesses ( and each vender is a business) need to take responsibility for the vibe and feel of their business.
    If it is not locally grown, locally made , better quality or comparable prices I might as well gp to the grocery store.

  • All the consulting is a waste. Farmer’s Markets are a notorious political football in a place, until somehow it’s gotten right.
    One possibility on the horizon is the city facilitating a takeover by a non-profit. That’s happened elsewhere and is just another level of bureacracy the taxpayers ultimately pay even more for.
    Or a “Public Private Partnership” with profit as the main driver. That seemed to be on the table at some point.
    The visioning exercise, studies, consultant reports are just double speak. Why more?
    What’s the goal with the HFM anyway?
    I like shopping at the FM as it is now. One big problem is, I can’t ride my bicycle there. Yes, there’s a bike lane, but no racks by the door and leaving a bike – however well locked- anywhere in Hamilton is a recipe for losing it. A complete no-go.
    For starters, why not use that big empty street-level space for secure bike parking?
    As for people not liking the lower level, or the atmosphere, that’s nit-picky.
    I much prefer shopping at the FM to any grocery store. The smaller scale experience, pleasant exchange with vendors you get to know. Supporting small business and individual operators rather than corporate giants.
    What more is there to a FM than that? top trying to rubber-stamp and spooThe people in power need to stop trying to spoon-feed a predetermined “experience” from some consultant’s playbook.
    As others point out, pick any of the many Ontario Farm Markets that work and base findings on that. Enough with outside consultants.
    If Hamilton wanted their FM to be good, they could do it. Instead they keep vendors in constant anxiety, and the public hears nothing but problems. Is that how to get people to go?

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