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Police probe angry encounter between officers and a woman

Police probe angry encounter between officers and a woman

Social; media in Hamilton is abuzz over a verbal confrontation that took place Thursday between two members of the Hamilton Police Service and a woman in an apartment. The officers are seen knocking on the apartment door asking to speak to the person inside. While they are waiting the lead officer looks up at a security camera and gestures to his partner pointing at the camera.

The woman opens the door, and is apparently aware that the police are there to discuss a dispute she is having with her landlord. She is heard telling the police officer that they will have some record of this landlord in their files.

At that point the officer interrupts her and warns her against damaging the property. She continues to speak and the officer shouts over her with a warning that she will be arrested if she damages the property.

As the police turn to leave, she opens the door wider and calls them bullies. The lead officer turns and lunges at the door, which is quickly shut. The two then leave, laughing.

Professional Standards Branch to investigate

Hamilton Police issued a statement this morning that reads, “Hamilton Police are aware of a video showing an interaction between a citizen and our officers. The interaction captured on the video is concerning and has been forwarded to our professional standards branch for investigation. Public trust and accountability are integral to our work and we are committed to upholding these values.”

Mayor Fred Eisenberger, who is a member of the Hamilton Police Services Board, issued a statement Friday afternoon: “Our police service members are rightfully held to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity and have a positive duty to treat all members of our community with respect. A recent video showing a tense interaction between a resident and two Hamilton Police Service Officers is concerning. The incident is now under investigation and I look forward to the outcome.”

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  • Ok, well without all the information it appears to me the police officer did not do his job. Clear lack of unbiased investigation.

    The police office’s retort clearly shows a biased perspective pro landlord however, said police officer would not be all knowledgeable about the Landlord and Tenant Act.

    The police officer was condescending rather then objective to get to the root of the problem.

    Bullying definitely was going on. It is systematic problem, so where is police leadership on this particular incident?

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