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Plant a tree–help improve the Burlington tree canopy

Plant a tree–help improve the Burlington tree canopy

The fall is a good time to plant trees and the City of Burlington is giving away 500 trees to residents. The trees are free, but residents will need to register and select their preferred tree from 10 types of trees.

Types and quantities are limited to first registered, first served and one tree per address.

To register for a tree, visit Registration is open now.

Trees can be picked up between 9am and 3 pm. Pick-up time is dependent on species selected

The trees can be obtained at the  Roads, Parks and Forestry Operations Centre, 3330 Harvester Rd., Burlington

Trees will be between four and seven feet tall. Residents are reminded to ensure that they can safely transport the trees. A City staff member will place the tree into the vehicle.

Tree Planting Tips

1.            Ensure the type of tree will fit the space you have available

2.            Contact before you dig to ensure there are no wires, pipes or cables where you will dig

3.            Dig a hole roughly twice the width and depth of the tree’s pot

4.            Remove the pot and carefully place the tree into the hole

5.            Fill the hole back in with the soil removed while digging and water thoroughly

6.            Water the tree several times a week to minimize the stress on the tree and ensure good root growth

For information about forestry in Burlington, visit

Steve Robinson, Manager of Urban Forestry commented, “planting trees on private property is a big help for us in expanding our tree canopy coverage. It’s also important that we ensure there is a variety of trees planted and not just one type. By having several tree types in an area, it creates stronger trees and reduces the likelihood of an entire area being wiped out by a disease or pest that only impacts one type of tree.”

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