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Plans to redevelop Limeridge Mall taking shape

Plans to redevelop Limeridge Mall taking shape

Cadillac Fairview (CF) has elaborated on its plan to redevelop its Limeridge Mall property to add residential towers and to make the entire area more pedestrian and cycling friendly. The developer is already taking similar steps with some of its other Canadian Properties. The project would see the demolition of the former Sears department store which has been sitting vacant and its replacement with 100,000 square feet of retail space. The two apartment towers would be 12 stories in height. One of the drawings that was submitted to the Design Review Subcommittee shows a network of pedestrian paths linking the Limeridge property to adjacent green areas including the hydro corridor and Thorner Park. The same drawing also shows a pedestrian bridge across the LINC to connect the Limeridge property to T.B.McQuesten Park. The plan also shows the addition of more green space on the Limeridge lands, and the construction of a 350-stall parking garage .

The plan calls for adding more green areas and links to area parks

The city, for its part, will construct a new transit hub. While the original plan calls for two residential towers at the north end of the property near the Fortino’s store, one of Cadillac Fairview’s sketches appears to visualize the eventual addition of more residential units around the perimeter of the entire property.

CF says the “concept plan will: facilitate intensification and infill development; create attractive, high quality and safe public and private streetscapes; minimize shadowing on adjacent properties and streets; and encourage a diversity of built forms.”  

Deloitte Canada prepared a major report on the future of shopping malls last year. The report which was prepared after extensive input from the mall sector stated, “the mall of the future will be a destination that feeds the functional requirements of our lives as well as our need to be social. It will be a thriving community where people will live, work, play, and eat. It will not be your parents’  mall—so much so that we might no longer call it a “mall” anymore at all.”

The transformation of the traditional shopping mall is well underway in Hamilton. Last year, the owners of Eastgate square announced plans for residential towers to be added to that property, and plans have been announced for a large residential complex on the site of the former Wal-Mart on Mohawk Road at Upper Sherman. There are also plans to construct residential units on the site of McMaster Innovation Park on Longwood Road.

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