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Partridge calls for 2026 Commonwealth Games consideration

Partridge calls for 2026 Commonwealth Games consideration

Ward 15 Councillor Judi Partridge has issued a notice of motion that would have council consider the 2026 Commonwealth Games as a post-COVID recovery project. In a note to council Partridge wrote, “This Motion is NOT the vote to approve the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Hamilton or a vote to approve Hamilton as the host city or any agreement that will commit or bind Council, staff or taxpayers. It is just to give staff direction to meet with and provide information needed for Commonwealth2026 to put together the proposal for a hosting plan.”

Immediate response from two lower city councillors was not positive. Wrote Clr. Sam Merulla, “As I have said from day one; if we can obtain 1 billion dollars or more  of affordable  housing, thorough the athlete village and other residential accommodations mandated by the games then and only then will I  die on the hill fight  for the Commonwealth games!” His seatmate, Clr. Chad Collins responded, “In light of the current pandemic and associate financial strain on the community and all levels of government, I will not be supporting any Commonwealth Games bid initiatives from this time forward.”

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