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Outpouring of support for CHCH reporter who was harassed at illegal rally

CHCH Reporter-anchor Nicole Martin read the six-o’clock news last evening and then picked up a camera and went to the Ancaster Power centre where an unauthorized pop-up car rally was taking place that attracted approximately 1,000 young people. The event sprang up just hours after Premier Ford had issued a directive banning outdoor gatherings of more than 50 people. While attempting to provide coverage, Ms. Marin was jeered and harassed by some of those at the rally. Prompting this tweet from Ms. Martin:

Response on social media was swift with this outpouring of support for the journalist.

  • So sorry to hear that Nicole. Small men trying to compensate for their serious shortcomings by attacking an accomplished woman doing her job. Sad, pathetic weaklings.
  • Keep up your incredible work! You are shining example to all. I’m sorry you are being treated so horribly but know many of us stand with you!
  • I think you are a great reporter and anchor. This pandemic has brought out the ignorance of way too many people. Stay safe, stay heathly, keep up the great work you do
  • The pandemic cannot bear the blame for these misfits of society……They will use any excuse to be the scum of the earth!
  • Never was and never will be acceptable! Post the names and accounts next time and let the internet do their job. Not a fan of the cancel culture but sometimes it’s the only thing that works at stopping those who think they can say anything on the internet
  • Make the police and prosecutors Do Their Jobs. Harassment, assault, stalking, public mischief – these are crimes. If they show up repeatedly in your feeds – report. Interfering with stand-ups – report. I know it’s not your job, but it’s their job.
  • I love seeing you on the news and hearing what’s going on, you are great at what you do.. Continue doing the great job you are doing Two hearts
  • It’s absolutely not acceptable. Nor should it be tolerated. Everyone feels a need to put their 2 cents in. Which is freedom of speech and a given right to all. These people are acting out, due to ignorance of life and law and interaction in society.
Support from Martin colleague Phil Perkins
  • You do a fantastic job,  Nicole.  Highly professional and hard working.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.  So sorry that you have to go through this abuse.
  • It’s NOT acceptable. It’s simply the default of people who either can’t admit they might be in the wrong or bring themselves to care one little bit for the lives of those they don’t see in the mirror. It’s sad, and mean, and you don’t deserve it.
  • omg. I am so sorry this is happening to you. I assume the trolls and nay-sayers are ashamed of being called out. That’s good. Never dull your voice. What you say matters to a great majority.
  • Unacceptable behavior but the reality is as the advocacy for equality strengthens, society becomes more divisive. Misogyny is an outdated practice, and hopefully you know many of us respect the work you do Nicole.
  • Thank you Nicole for always bringing the news to us! It’s sad that these people feel the need to name call! It’s not acceptable at all!

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  • sad commentary on today’s youth glad they are not all like that tho you would have thought someone would have stood up for you and rebuked them
    you are doing g a great job love seeing your cheery face keep up the good work hopefully some will come out of the woods and apologize to you

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