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O’Toole goes on offensive in Tory Leadership campaign

O’Toole goes on offensive in Tory Leadership campaign

Two campaign ads released by Erin O’Toole’s Tory leadership campaign portray rival candidate Peter MacKay as someone who can’t beat Justin Trudeau.

“He just can’t handle the pressure,” quips a male voiceover in one of the ads, which features clips of Mr. MacKay reacting to questions from CBC Power and Politics host Vassy Kapelos during a live interview in March, and cutting short another interview with CTV reporter Heather Wright in February.

Mr. MacKay’s campaign released its own ad on Facebook this week with a much different tone. That ad ran for nearly two minutes, and features clips of Mr. MacKay campaigning, while he thanks those who have volunteered on the campaign, and talks about his success raising money and signing up new members.

MacKay has outspent O’Toole on Facebook ads but O’Toole’s campaign has generated far more user activity. Mr. O’Toole’s Facebook page generated roughly 353,000 “engagements”—a figure tracked by Facebook that includes likes, shares, and comments by users—in the week leading up to May 20. Mr. MacKay’s page generated just more than 153,000 over the same period, according to publicly available data.

The O’Toole ad

Peter MacKay’s recent Facebook ad
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