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O’Toole calls out caucus dissidents

O’Toole calls out caucus dissidents

With news that 30 percent of the federal Conservative caucus calling for a vote on a leadership review, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole has thrown down the gauntlet. Late last night he issued a series of tweets calling out his critics.

There are two roads open to the Conservative Party of Canada. One is the road of Randy Hillier and Derek Sloan. It is angry, negative, and extreme. It is a dead-end; one that would see the party of Confederation become the NDP of the right. 1/5The other road is to better reflect the Canada of 2022. To recognize that conservatism is organic not static and that a winning message is one of inclusion, optimism, ideas and hope.

There is a report tonight of members of the Conservative caucus who are unsure of what road to take. They are, it is said, bringing a letter to caucus to trigger a vote on my leadership of the Party.

I’m not going anywhere and I’m not turning back. Canada needs us to be united and serious!

It’s time for a reckoning. To settle this in caucus. Right here. Right now. Once and for all.

Anger vs. Optimism. That is the choice in simple terms.

I will accept the result of this vote. The signers of this letter must accept it, too. They brought it. They’ll have to live with it.

Rebecca and I are committed to our Party and conservatism in Canada. We look forward to continuing the journey.

O’Toole only needs a simple majority among his 119 MPs to avoid a leadership review, but most observers say he would need a much larger majority to be able to hang onto the leadership. The vote could come as early as Wednesday.

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