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Opposition to Aberdeen Traffic restrictions growing

The proposal, already approved by Hamilton City Council to reduce Aberdeen Avenue to two lanes has met with a backlash from Kirkendall South neighbourhood residents. Former Spectator Editor Alex Beer, a member of a citizen group, Keep Aberdeen Moving, submitted a petition that had garnered 710 signature. The Petition read in part, “We…ask that the City of Hamilton not reduce thew number of lanes along Aberdeen Avenue between Queen Street South and Dundurn Street South, from four to two. We are concerned that the reduction will result in increased traffic flow and speeding through the Kirkendall South neighbourhood, resulting in increased danger to residents-especially children-in this area.

Beer told the committee that speeding had been an issue in the area but measures already taken by the city had largely resolved the problem. The city installed two more traffic lights along Aberdeen, making five stoplights in a roughly one kilometer stretch; and further, had designated the street as a 40 kmh school zone.

Committee member Tom Jackson asked Beer if the majority of the signatories to the petition were from the Kirkendall neighbourhood. Beer replied that the majority were from the affected are, but there were some signatures from wards on Hamilton Mountain where traffic backs up on the Queen Street Mountain Road. Beer’s presentation also revealed a rift between those who signed the petition and the Kirkendall South neighbourhood association, who favour the traffic calming measure. Beer said his group had been accused by the association of “fear mongering and outright lying” which he rejected.

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  • Neighborhood associations represent their members who most likely do not represent the entire neighborhood.

    Neighborhood association would need to prove that. Queen St is the divide between wards 1 and 2, more then one ward involved and more then one neighborhood.

  • Driving is clearly the preferred mode of transport for the vast majority of tax paying residents, so Mo wants to restrict usage, decrease capacity, while doing absolutely nothing to address the underlying issue.
    Does she really believe half of those vehicles are going to magically disappear?
    Where does she think they will go?
    Wilson is arguably the shallowest mind on Council, reviled by her colleagues, with a groundswell of opposition fomenting in her Ward. Fortunately, her influence will be brief…..but painful.

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