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Opinion: Why undermine confidence in school COVID safety?

Opinion: Why undermine confidence in school COVID safety?

Social media is full of commentary about the Ford Government announcement that it will cease reporting on COVID outbreaks in schools. The move has fueled accusations that the government is trying to cover up the extent of the Omicron outbreak which has pushed daily case counts into the stratosphere. One understands that the daily province-wide full-population case count has become meaningless, as the sheer number of cases has overwhelmed the province’s ability to conduct and process testing in a timely enough manner to be of any use. But surely case counts in schools would continue to be reliable. After all, a child is either in their seat in the classroom or they are not. Keeping track of student COVID cases should be almost the last and most reliable COVID statistic to manage. As frustrating as the constant shifts in medical advice from the province are, one can at least understand that the advice has to change as the situation changes. That’s how medicine works—you try something and if it doesn’t work you try something else. It’s not like politics where people keep doing the same thing over and over. Two months ago, it looked like the COVID scourge was coming to an end, Who last fall would have predicted daily case counts approaching 20,000? So, we get that these are unprecedented times. But why mess around with a procedure like taking attendance and recording the reason for absences? It only serves to undermine parent confidence in the safety of schools with the return to classes three days away.

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