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Opinion: Emergencies Act Inquiry declares Trudeau justified in his actions.

By Roy Merkley


And so the political circus begins after the final report from the Emergencies Act Inquiry was released on February 17. Politics always seem to come into play in situations like this.

The conclusions of the report will be debated ad nauseum, but at the point in time when the Act was declared the reality of the situation dictated Trudeau’s actions. Despite whatever mistakes that had been made up to invoking the Act, it was a given that the protesters were entrenched in the core of Ottawa with no sign of voluntarily backing off, while at the same time continuing to trample on the rights of the innocent citizens of the city. Many had taken the protest to ridiculous levels bordering on mob mentality in doing stupid things that individually they would not have even considered, much of which involved criminal activity under any other circumstances.

The simple fact of the matter is that the situation was resolved relatively quickly after the Act was invoked, nobody was killed in the process and many lessons were learned in how to prevent this from happening again. Some of the principal protesters who broke the law were indicted and paid the price, which is how the law of the land is supposed to work. The citizens who lived and worked in that area of Ottawa finally got their lives back in order while having to overcome the trauma and monetary costs inflicted by the blockade. Of course, some people’s toes were stepped on in the process but that was inevitable no matter what course of action was taken.

I find it hard to sympathize with the protesters who were primarily objecting to receiving the lifesaving Covid vaccine that ultimately was the weapon that brought our society back to some level of normalcy from the brutal pandemic. It was troubling to see so many of them touting the infringement of their basic ‘freedom’, caring little if any for the freedom and rights of those that got in their way while incurring significant cost on the taxpayers who ultimately pay the price for this nonsense.

Rather than waste more resources and time dissecting this issue, let those in power acknowledge that the actions taken finally worked and get on with the more important challenges that face our country. 

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