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Ontario Campaign Day 9, Greens unveil costed platform

Ontario Campaign Day 9, Greens unveil costed platform

It was a busy day for the Ontario party leaders.  Doug Ford doubled down on his highways and infrastructure platform by promising to complete a new Highway 7 between Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph. He accused the Liberals of shelving the project 15 years ago Phase 2 of construction on the new 18-kilometre four-lane highway between Kitchener and Guelph, includes building two bridges over the Grand River that will connect the new alignment of Highway 7 to Highway 85 (Conestoga Parkway) in Kitchener.

NDP on mental health

Campaigning in Paris, NDP leader Andrea Horwath promised to ensure public access to psychotherapy for everyone, saving about $200 per visit for counselling or therapy and Implementing the Make Kids Count Action Plan, reducing the waitlist for children’s mental health to 30 days.

Liberals mental health platform and candidate issues

In Scarborough The Del Duca Liberals were also talking about mental health services through a $3 billion increase in funding for mental health and addictions services. The plan would train more than 3,000 new mental health and addictions workers, 1,000 of which will be dedicated to working with at-risk youth. The announcement came as Del Duca was dealing with the dismissal of two of his candidates—one for a homophobic tweet and another for undisclosed reasons.

Green Party platform costed

In Toronto Green Party leader Mike Schreiner unveiled his fully costed budget that would increase spending by more than 31 billion in 2025-26. $18 Billion would go to health care, eldercare and education. He would also double social assistance rates. He would spend 1.3 billion on the housing crisis. More than 13 billion would support environmental initiatives including massive support to public transit and green vehicles. To pay for the platform he would institute a wealth tax, increase corporate taxes, place a one percent surcharge on households earning over $200,000. He would halt the nearly $6 Billion now used to subsidize hydro rates, and he is counting on $5 Billion from the federal government for climate matching funds.

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