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On the Waterfront: Parking, Pop Ups and Land for Sale

Kathy Renwald

Two thorny issues are on the agenda for the West Harbour Subcommittee meeting this week at Hamilton city hall.

  When the West Harbour is up and running with new housing and retail-where will people park?

  There is a parking garage proposed for the long run but not expected to be built until 2024. So staff is suggesting parking can be provided on Pier 8.

   Pier 8, where about 1500 housing units are to be built, will be constructed over stages. So land not under development should be available for parking. If the city provides parking there-will they construct it through a climate change lens? Paved surfaces load up the combined sewer system with runoff during storms.

Pier 8 under construction

  The put upon boaters at Harbour West Marine are losing their parking permanently. Where they will land and how far away from their boats is yet to be determined. Also sure to change is the rather lovely experience of being able to park right at the edge of the harbour near Williams coffee pub, and watch the waves lap the shoreline.

Parking for boaters at Harbour West Marina is being eliminated

  Committee members will also consider a staff report to start selling city land for development on Piers 6 and 7.  These include parcels envisioned to be part of a commercial village. Staff suggests restrictions including that the land must be developed within three years, and cannot be sold for 10-years. 

  Also included in the agenda bundle, a plan to rent some of the waterfront lands for yet to be determined “temporary uses,”  perhaps food carts and flea markets. This idea is to give the waterfront more life during the years long construction period.

  All the details, plus maps of the proposed changes are available online at the city’s website, or download the very handy City of Hamilton app. The meeting December 18 at 9 a.m. will also be live streamed.

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