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Nrinder Nann named in Integrity Commissioner complaint about safe injection site

A number of residents in the Barton-Gage-Sherman Neighbourhood are launching a complaint to the integrity commissioner against Ward Three Councillor Nrinder Nann  over circumstances around the February meeting of Hamilton Council that approved a  safe injection site at 746 Barton Street East. 

The complaint stems from the way the matter got in front of council at a meeting. Even though a glance at the agenda showed nothing to suggest a motion approving the Barton Street location was going to be presented to members, a number of delegations showed up to support the injection site. Whether they were tipped off there was going to be a walk-on motion approving the site is not clear, but they were there in force and received a cordial welcome by councillors. A less cordial welcome was accorded to Walter Furlan, a Barton Street Resident and business owner who ran an unsuccessful campaign against Nann in the October election on the issue of the site. Furlan who had a 1,200-signature petition opposing the site said he only heard about the meeting by accident.

After several delegate supporting the site were heard, Councillor Esther Pauls pointedly asked Mayor Andrea Horwath if the site was going to come to a vote that day. The mayor replied awkwardly, saying there might be an opportunity later in the meeting for a vote. But then when the delegations were finished, it was the Mayor herself who brought forward a walk-on motion for council to endorse the Barton Street site.

The news release that supports a more than 100-page submission to the integrity commissioner reads, “Questionable procedural issues took place during the meeting. A councillor asked the chair directly  whether a motion to approve the site would come forward.  The answer was evasive but the result was in fact a walk on motion approving the disputed site in spite of the residents’ delegation stating that they had not been properly consulted, that they were not advised of the meeting, and that the agenda did not include a motion regarding 746 Barton Street East. Further, when final approval came before City Council February 22, 2023 in the face of concerns expressed by some members of council, Councillor Nann proceeded to make incendiary remarks in describing those opposing the site.”

The release continues, “Councillor Nann has stressed the need for a safe injection site which is not in dispute.  Residents feel however that she has failed to address neighbourhood concerns  regarding the specific address, 746 Barton Street East because of its proximity to daycares, an elementary school, its students and other sensitive and vulnerable populations including services for people with disabilities.”

The federal and provincial governments still have to approve the injection site


  • there’s already an injection site going in at 430 Cannon st E.
    2 sites, 1.6 km apart, serving entire city is a heavy burden on our ward and
    a disservice to the City

    • Sad that councilor Nann was it seems the one who set this up?If the matter was not on the council agenda it should not have been aloud period.A total misuse of power.Who,s behind it and why needs answered.

  • You would expect this to be the actions of Ford and his PC government. Not so. This is the NDP showing its true bullyish colours. Andrea Horwath is a failed leader of a failed party and now will take down Hamilton as well. Nann is just riding on the tailcoats of her mentor Mr Green (another NDP). The great renaissance of Ward 3 (Hamilton Centre) that saw young families and retired couples, invest in restoring old buildings and improving the area, is over. They will now vote with their feet and the area will plunge into a violent, drug induced, crime ridden ghetto where social justice warriors will bleed the dystopian community for all it can get.

  • You are not wrong, my family and I will be moving out of Ward 3 this spring/summer because of the actions of Nann and Green. They can enjoy the shit hole they so desperately want to create by having junkies rule every corner and push away any development and investment into ward 3.

  • show respect to the neighbourhood you’re impacting. The question is not that a second site is needed, but was the process shady?

  • I am a recovered addict/alcoholic who lives in Ward 3. On May 17, I will have 34 years of continuous sobriety. There seems to be a gap between being sick, and getting treatment. Treatment in fact is clouded in mystery. Wouldn’t it be great if addicts and those who love them could just walk in and have someone to talk to? An open treatment center where you can talk. Workshops ans study groups. What is most likely to preserve life?

    Casinos have a service like this in Ontario. I would love to be part of the trailblazing group that embraces and supports people with this horrible disease.

    Mandi Lowthian Smith

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