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No knighthoods for celebs: Gervais

Ricky Gervais has called for celebrities to be banned from the New Year Honours List and replaced with National Health Service heroes.

The comedian, 56, said only NHS heroes and frontline workers should instead be rewarded for their bravery during the coronavirus pandemic.

Appearing on a TV show in Australia, the After Life star said: ‘I never want anyone to complain about the NHS again, or nurses or doctors or anyone on the front line. We’ve got to remember we clapped for them and that should always be there.”

He also took aim at fashion designers and beauty gurus, saying they are not worthy of the esteemed honours. He said: ‘Give it to someone who gave a kidney to a stranger, not someone who invented a new type of mascara. ‘I’ve seen people given a knighthood for services to fashion. What are you talking about, services to fashion?

Gervais said only NHS and frontline workers should instead be rewarded for their bravery during the coronavirus pandemic            +5

‘Christ, it’s not that hard. People are finding cures for cancer and AIDs.’

Gervais also took a swipe at reality stars who are desperately seeking fame to make themselves happy,

‘People think fame can make them happy. Then they’re like, why am I not happy? People don’t realise having worth is a huge thing to tick off before you can feel happy. And fame’s not the place for it.

Gervais has been critical of celebrities throughout the pandemic for moaning about the situation from their mansions.  

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