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Nick Cordero struggling with lung infection, gets message of support from Stylvester Stallone

“Nick is fighting for his life every day in that ICU and I know he isn’t giving up,”  said  Nick Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots. The Hamilton-born 41-year-old Broadway star, who woke up from a month-long medically induced coma on Tuesday is still suffering from a lung infection.

“There’s a new hashtag in town and it is #OffTheVent because if we can make this happen, like we did with #WakeUpNick, that will mean that this infection in Nick’s lungs is gone, or not necessarily gone, but better, and that means we can get him off the ventilator,” Kloots posted.

“We are still dealing with this lingering infection in Nick’s lung,” she continued. “This infection that is left over from when he went into septic shock the last time is still in his lungs and just kind of sitting there. They are doing everything they can to clean it out every day but it’s just not getting better.”

Once Cordero’s infection goes away, doctors will be able to “lower his vent settings” and begin the process of having him breathing unassisted.

Since the Tony Award nominee was first admitted to the hospital in late March for what the family initially believed was pneumonia, Kloots has kept her fans and followers updated about her husband’s

A GoFundMe page was organized by their friends to support Kloots and raise funds for Cordero’s medical bills.

Yesterday actor Sylvester Stallone posted a message to Nick on Instagram

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