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New stretch of rail will improve GO service to Hamilton and beyond

New stretch of rail will improve GO service to Hamilton and beyond

It’s only 200 meters long, but a new stretch of railway track at the Aldershot GO station will make it possible to increases GO train frequency to Hamilton’s West Harbour station and ultimately down to Stoney Creek and beyond.

This new piece of track connects the pocket track at Aldershot GO to the main Lakeshore West Line via a track section called a turnout and a switch mechanism (which allow a train to be guided from one.

Prior to this work being completed, the southernmost track at Aldershot GO had a “stub end,” which meant that trains on this track couldn’t go any further than Aldershot because there was no connection from this track to the main Lakeshore West line. 

The connection of this track to the main line has created more opportunities to increase service west of Aldershot in the future. The new signal at Aldershot GO was connected and tested multiple times throughout the night, to mimic as many different conditions as possible to ensure the track is safe in any number of situations.

Metrolinx is also building towards enhanced track capacity and working with rail partners to bring service to the future Confederation GO Station.

Over the next few years, there are plans to tie-in the two stub-ended tracks currently at West Harbour GO, connecting the tracks to the main Lakeshore West Line on the east side of the station.  This work will eliminate the need to reverse GO Trains past the station to line up again with the main line, which adds 20 minutes to trips when travelling to and from Niagara and will facilitate service to Confederation GO and beyond.

All Photos by Tyson Moore and Metrolinx

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