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New diagnostic imaging equipment at McMaster University Medical Centre

New diagnostic imaging equipment at McMaster University Medical Centre

HHSC’s McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC) is breaking in an advanced version of a CT Scanner along with newly renovated rooms and upgraded equipment.

A new computed tomography (CT) scanner was installed in June, making HHS the first hospital in Canada to home this type of machine. Newer features provide more functionality, faster processing, and improved image quality.

Every patient who comes to MUMC, whether adult or pediatric, will have access to the new CT. “The new machine will run 24/7, allowing us to use the newest technology for emergency and outpatients,” says Nicole Koopman, registered X-ray technologist in CT.

The machine was built to be patient-centred, providing technologists with a built-in camera and tablets to stay with the patient while setting up the scan.

“When working with complex and difficult patient cases, we now have a low-dose, reliable scanner to continue providing our outpatient care,” adds Erin McCreith, also a registered X-ray technologist in CT. “Physicians will also be able to make more accurate diagnoses thanks to the higher quality images.”

MUMC’s DI unit also welcomed a new mobile X-ray machine in February 2022. Like the new CT scanner, the mobile X-ray also emits a lower dose of radiation. “The new X-ray will provide Best Care For All by using a much lower dose of radiation to acquire a high quality image,” says Jennifer Wiebe, registered X-ray technologist. “The images acquired on the new machine are of utmost quality; therefore, this helps in the diagnosis of patients by our radiologists.”

There are also three new ultrasound rooms in DI at MUMC, which were completed in October 2021. One of the rooms has already received a new ultrasound machine, with two more expected to arrive later this year.

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