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National Post columnist Rex Murphy vilified for column on racism

National Post and CBC commentator Rex Murphy was the subject of a public apology by the National Post in todays edition over an article Murphy wrote earlier last week. In the article Murphy took exception to the portrayal of Canada by Prime Minister Trudeau and Infrastructure Minister Catharine McKenna as a racist country. Wrote Murphy in part:

Do we not have welcoming immigration policies? Are our largest cities not a great montage of people from every corner of the world, of every colour and creed? Do we not, both in private and public, celebrate Canada’s multicultural nature? Do our schools not press the ideas of tolerance and acceptance toward all peoples and all faiths from kindergarten through high school? Is it not a doctrine of Canadian civic life that to end any trace of discrimination or racism is a cardinal rationale for the very existence of modern Canada.

In fact, to give Canada credit, it has for decades now worked in every venue — from corporations, to the public service, to the arts and universities — to set goals and standards designed to eliminate pernicious bigotries. It is therefore strange that after so much honest effort, so many advances in public thought and practice, so great a march from those times past when racism and bigotry were indeed rife and accepted, that an inventory of how far we have come is never taken; that the advances remain unacknowledged or unspoken; and that citizens hear so often from their betters how “racist and discriminatory” they are.

The Post did not delete the Murphy article from its website but it posed the disclaimer below on the article.

The Post also published a similarly-worded apology in its print edition today.

Vice Media reported that the column sparked an angry outcry in the Post Newsroom, where half of the publication’s newsroom staff denounced the article. Editorial staff blamed the publication on an “editing error” where two people each thought the other was editing the article before publication. Black members of the Post staff said the article made them feel unwelcome.

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  • What did Rex Murphy say that was incorrect? Please, spell it out for us. Rex never said that we were a problem free country concerning racism. What I understood him as saying, was that as a country we strive to have laws and policies that promote the inclusion of all races and cultures. As a country we may fall short of the ideals we have set before us. However these ideals have helped Canada in being one of the more racially and culturally inclusive countries on our planet. Because there is still work to be done does not mean that Canada is a racist country.

  • The Post will no longer allow “journalists” to express personal opinion or experience. We are really making progress now.

  • I have read this article many times and can’t find any reason to condemn Rex for what he has written. He didn’t say anything remotely racist. He just pointed out that although we have come a long way we still have work to do but why do all articles/ news opinions categorizes Canada as such a racists country. I think the thought police need to shake their heads. You find something where nothing is there.

  • For years I have enjoyed the challenging articles and comments made by Rex Murphy. I agree with statements made by him and certainly feel that being “vilified ” and needing a public apology from the Post threatens the freedom of speech we used to have in Canada.

  • Usual bunch of gutless bleeding hearts who roll over at the slightest outcry from anyone about anything!!
    Apologies due to Rex

  • When the tail starts wagging the dog, it becomes very unhealthy and bad for the dog. The dog may even die.

  • How absurd is this muzzling of opinion/speech/thought going to get? Rex said absolutely nothing that any reasonable person would think required an apology by the NP. Pffffft – so someone felt “uncomfortable”. Rex is the one who is owed an apology. Is the NP now marching strictly to the Trudeau money drum? Disgusting.

  • As a senior citizen I fear the direction Canada is headed. Rex’s article highlites the fact that there is still work to be done. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t acknowledge the efforts and successes already accomplished. Anyone who is offended by this article is not being honest and is driven by an ideology that can never be sated. Truly disappointing and concerning that the NP should respond in a knee jerk reaction when confronted with some controversy. Equally disappointing is the Federal governments inability to recognize the difference between protest and vandalism. Woe is Canada.

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