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Modest Sir Tom Moore skips tea with Queen

Sir Tom Moore told BBC he still wants to be known as Captain Tom after he received a knighthood from the Queen last week for his role in raising $38 Million Pounds for COVID relief. According to the Daily Mail, the Queen invited Moore to tea after his investiture but he politely declined, as he already had lunch plans with his family. But Moore made it clear he thought the Queen was terrific.

Sir Tom at tea with his family. He reportedly declined an invitation to take tea with the Queen so he could be with family.

‘It was absolutely amazing that she would take all the trouble to come out on that one occasion. It was absolutely outstanding, and it is impossible to give her all the thanks that I feel for the honour that she gave me by coming out in the sun yesterday. It really was a magnificent day, and she really was a wonderful person,’ he said. The veteran went on to say: ‘To meet the Queen was more than anyone could expect, never ever did I imagine I would get so close to the Queen and have such a kind message from her, that was really outstanding, it was truly outstanding.’

Tom Moore (centre with mustache) Moore served in India, the Burma campaign, and Sumatra during the Second World War, and later became an instructor in armoured warfare. After the war, he worked as managing director of a concrete company and was an avid motorcycle racer.

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