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Home News Mind if I root through your trash? Another coyote spotted in downtown Burlington

Mind if I root through your trash? Another coyote spotted in downtown Burlington

Story and picture By DENIS GIBBONS

The tracks left in the snow by Santa’s reindeer were still fresh when a black-eyed, lean-looking coyote showed up walking west on Lakeshore Road at three o-clock on Christmas Day.

Looking for his Christmas dinner, the wily one was only about 100 yards from some of Burlington’s fanciest restaurants in the downtown area when he decided to make a right turn and mosy up Smith Avenue.

Your Bay Observer reporter pulled his car over and quickly hollered to anyone within shouting distance to either pick up their pooches in bring them indoors from the backyard.

Several coyotes roaming in the city already have been eliminated, but this one obviously was hiding somewhere when Animal Control was on patrol.

The City of Burlington has provided special coyote whistles for residents who like to go for their daily walks. The whistles tend to scare them away.

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