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Michelle Rempel Garner rejects running for Alberta leadership: Slams party infighting

Michelle Rempel Garner rejects running for Alberta leadership: Slams party infighting

Calgary MP Michelle Rempel Garner has effectively told the United Conservative Party of Alberta to get its act together as she announced that she will not run to lead the provincial party which recently kicked out its leader Jason Kenny.  While her remarks were directed to provincial conservatives, there was a clear message for the federal party as well as it is engaged in a fierce leadership contest.

In a lengthy tweet, after listing her qualifications and declaring real interest in the leadership, Rempel Garner pointed to a number of divisions and conflicts that continue to plague the party.

“From what I’ve heard over the last few weeks, there is a significant level of hurt and uncertainty in the UCP caucus team,” she wrote. “I can sympathize. As a member of the federal CPC caucus, we’ve gone through three consecutive election losses, two leadership resignations, and one leadership removal in the last seven years.”

“But in both parties, there have also been squabbles that have erupted in the pages of national media, public meltdowns, nearly missed physical fights, coups, smear jobs, leaked recordings and confidential emails, lack of consensus on critical issues, caucus turfings, people harassed to the point where they resign roles, and hours long meetings where members have been subjected to hours of public castigation.”

“There have been heated exchanges to get basic concerns addressed, unjustified insularity in decision making, shunning’s, exclusionary cliques and more.”

She pointed to not only the treatment of Jason Kenny but also that of federal leaders Andrew Scheer and Erin O’Toole. She said the two federal leaders were both faced with the task of re-uniting a party just ahead of an election. She said she would be in a similar position if she took over the UPC just after a bruising leadership battle.

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