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Metrolinx backs off on Burloak grade separation costs

Metrolinx backs off on Burloak grade separation costs

Burlington taxpayers will not have to cough up extra money for the proposed Burloak Grade Separation project with Metrolinx.

In 2018 all parties agreed on a capped cost share, of 50 per cent Metrolinx and 25 per cent each for Burlington and Oakville, for a total project cost of $60 million. However, earlier this year, Metrolinx informed the City of Burlington and the Town of Oakville that the total project cost was $177 million and each municipality would need to pay $45 million each.

After negotiation and pushback from Burlington Council, led to the reduction of the cost to the originally agreed-uponm $15 million.

Part of the updated savings for this cost-sharing agreement comes from a planned 12-month road closure of Burloak Drive and previously agreed to credit for works completed by Burlington in advance of this project.

The Burloak Drive closure will be from July 2026 to August 2027.

About the Burloak Grade Separation Project

The Burloak Grade Separation Project, a project led by Metrolinx, and in partnership with the Town of Oakville, would see the construction of an underpass (road-under-rail) at the existing at-grade crossing on Burloak Drive. This project is part of the GO Expansion – Lakeshore West Infrastructure Improvements work.

With GO Transit’s planned 15-minute all-day service by 2025, that will see up to eight trains crossing Burloak Drive every hour, in addition to regular VIA and freight trains, this is a critical project for Oakville and Burlington’s mobility.

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