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Mayors task force will represent every economic sector

Mayors task force will represent every economic sector

City council is being asked to approve terms of reference for the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery that will encompass every sector of the local economy. The 24-member task force will be comprised of:

• The Mayor

• Two (2) City Councillors

• One (1) local representative from Building/Skilled Trades

• One (1) representative from Workforce Planning Hamilton

• One (1) representative from Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

• One (1) representative from Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce

• One (1) representative from Flamborough Chamber of Commerce

• Ten (10) Hamilton based businesses or associations representing:

➢ Accommodation sector

➢ Restaurant/Hospitality sector

➢ Music Industry sector

➢ Film Industry sector

➢ Tourism/Attractions sector

➢ Transportation/Logistics sector

➢ Agriculture/Food and Beverage Processing sector

➢ Manufacturing sector

➢ Life Sciences sector

➢ ICT/Digital sector

• One (1) representative of the BIAs

• One (1) representative representing employers in the non-profit sector

• One (1) representative from the Building and Development Industry

• One (1) representative representing arts and culture

• Two (2) post-secondary education representatives

In addition, the City Manager will sit on the Task Force as the project sponsor.

The qualities of a candidate to be a member of the task force would include

• Brings a “Hamilton” focus and has an established network that can be “tapped” to assist in

accomplishing the Task Force objectives.

• Recognizes that successful collaboration produces results, not just structures and activities.

• Is open, reflective and can help the Task Force find their way to the answers.

• Engages others with diplomacy.

• Is willing to put tough or delicate issues on the table and work them through.

• Is willing to pioneer, break through and identify innovative solutions to complex issues related

to workforce development.

• Has experience being a change agent.

• Is able to represent a sector broadly, and not just an individual business, group or


Under the terms of reference the committee will operate under a consensus model where 80 percent of members present will need to approve any recommendation the committee makes.

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