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Massive gap between Canada and US COVID response

Massive gap between Canada and US COVID response

On a day when US Vice President Mike Pence says fears of a second wave of coronavirus in the US are “Overblown,” five states have reported a one-day high in new cases of the virus. Donald Trump has cast aside all pretence of social distancing, and still plans to hold a big rally in Tulsa Oklahoma where the state set a one-day record for new cases at 259. More than 800 Americans a day are dying of the virus.

To put it in perspective the US reported more than 20,000 new Coronavirus cases yesterday, whereas Canada reported 386. On a per capita basis that means US new cases of COVID are running at about five and a half times the rate in Canada. Deaths in the US are running at almost double the Canadian rate on a per capita basis. The latest numbers show the US had 742 deaths on a day when Canada had 38.

Blue represents states where COVID cases are dropping, Red and Orange represents
states where it is on the rise

Once again the White House is at odds with COVID chief Dr. Anthony Fauci who has disappeared from the public view lately. Mike Pence claims that the uptick in new cases in the US is the result of greater testing, But Fauci says that can’t explain the size of the increase. Fauci’s view would seem to be borne out by the Ontario experience where testing has ramped up considerably in the last two weeks but new COVID cases continue to drop.

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