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Major online tire dealer predicting a COVID winter tire shortage

Major online tire dealer predicting a COVID winter tire shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic and the snowbirds that will have to spend the next winter in Canada are driving an increase in online shopping and demand for winter tire installation.

These situations are in addition to the precautions and measures put in place in mechanical shops due to the second wave of COVID-19. In addition, a slowdown in tire production at the beginning of the year could cause a shortage of tires and delays in delivery for certain brands and sizes.

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed consumer habits and, inevitably, those of online purchases of winter tires that are both safer and more affordable, as is the case at PMCtire.

“The volume of online sales achieved in 2020 represents twice the level of growth of the last few years, which was already very significant. From the outset in 2008, we have relied on a personalized online tire sales service, free delivery almost everywhere in Canada, excellent prices, and a very large selection of tires and wheels. This was an excellent strategy because 12 years later, our growth continues and is accelerating exponentially. We offer more than 110,000 products, with guaranteed compatibility for your vehicle, delivered quickly to your home, to one of our affiliated garages, or to your local garage”, said Pascal Boutin, President of PMCtire.

According to PMC, due to the first wave of the pandemic last spring, many motorists preferred to keep their winter tires when the time came to change for summer tires. Unfortunately, some of them will have to buy new winter tires because their tires have worn out more quickly.

Because winter tires have softer rubber combined with the hot summer temperatures, the treads can degrade more quickly and increase the risk of hydroplaning and skidding in the coming season.

The global slowdown in tire production at the beginning of the pandemic prematurely reduced inventories. For many garages that are also facing a labor shortage, the season is shaping up to be a difficult one.

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