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Mad as hell Welsh shopper defies COVID rules

A Welsh shopper, Gwilym Owen 28, was filmed ripping plastic sheets off  kids’ clothing displays in a Bangor, Wales department store as some shops are not allowed to sell some goods under the Welsh lockdown. The outburst took place as Wales was plunged into a strict ‘firebreak’ lockdown that will last 17 days, during which people will be asked to stay home and buy only essential items. The children’s clothing was deemed non essential in a Tesco store. Tesco is a British based retailer that is the third biggest in the world. It resembles a Wal-Mart in North America, except its main business is selling food, beer and liquor but it also carries a full range of typical department store items.

As he ripped the plastic from the children’s clothing counter he asked  ‘since when has clothing not been essential?’

Owen, who is a DJ and producer, posted the following video which contains some language:

Still fuming, he posted on Facebook today: “I had enough last night. I don’t care about the backlash that I may get from this. Last night I heard supermarkets have put covers over ‘non essential’ things such as clothes. We’re heading into winter now and who would have thought clothes for children weren’t essential? I’m sure there are people out there who can barely afford heating in their houses and now they want to stop people buying clothes in supermarkets. I don’t expect everyone to do what I’ve done here but I do expect everyone to know that denying the public clothing is nothing but immoral and inhuman. So no I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done. The government is corrupt, but what’s more damaging to society is the fact that people are not standing up against this machine. I ask everyone can we all wake up and have a backbone and not let this tyranny run for any longer? Things will only get worse If we do not make any effort in stopping this madness. I’m not prepared to live in a society where they can take basic human needs away like being able to buy new clothes, especially for children. So I’ll do what I can to stop it. I’ve had it up to my tether with what’s going on and we need more people to take a stand for what is right! This was my stand last night.”

Some 17,000 residents of Wales, which has a population of just over 3 million have signed a petition for the Welsh Government to reduce the restrictions. 

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