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Lights, Competition, Construction on Hamilton’s Waterfront 

The view from Copps Pier Park on Pier 8 KATHY RENWALD PHOTO

  A cosmic light show on on Pier 8, maybe. Another new park on the waterfront, for sure.

An artisan market at Pier 7, mark it down for 2025.

  Those are just some of the discussion items on the agenda when Hamilton’s West Harbour Development Sub-Committee convenes Friday.

It’s a major waterfront update reflecting the fact the committee hasn’t met in seven months.

 Without a map it’s hard for most Hamiltonians to put their finger on which pier is where. 

  The easiest way is to follow the construction at the waterfront. It stretches from the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club to the bow of the HMCS Haida-docked at the HMCS Star.

  That dusty stretch is home to Piers 5-8.

  A major goal of the city is to keep people coming to the waterfront, even though some of it resembles a deconstruction site framed in sagging fences.

The city has plans to make Pier 9 look less like a construction zone

A cosmic sound and light show proposed for Pier 8

  So this summer expect more music at Pier 8, more food trucks here and there, and possibly a light and art extravaganza at Pier 8 called Sonic Runway. The cosmic light and music installation would coincide with the Grey Cup and Diwali celebrations in November.

  Pier 8 is bordered by the water’s edge-Copps Pier Park. But for now much of Pier 8 remains fenced off, as the city plows through the planning process to approve 1,645 new housing units and possibly a 45-story residential tower. 

  Roads for the new community are already in place, but expect some of them to be closed this summer-because of the potential for car-scooter-bicycle conflict.

  City staff are researching other ways to make the Pier 8 lands more presentable, even interesting to visitors during what will be a long construction phase.

  Joe Valela, president of Tercot Commiunites, one of the housing partners in the Waterfront Shores Corporation, said at a recent meeting, the construction of the 1,645 units on Pier 8 may take 10 to 15 years.

A Let’s Chat meeting between residential developers of Pier 8 and the public was held last week. Waterfront Shores Corp revealed they will finally open a sales office in the former Discovery Centre before the end of the year.

 On Piers 6 and 7, city staff are suggesting a competition would be the best way to design the proposed Artisan Market. The 2,500 square foot multi use building, which will be owned by the city has been on the books since the redeveloped waterfront started taking shape. If approved by council, projected construction wouldn’t happen until 2025.

  Construction of the new Gateway Park, now about two years behind schedule, is slated to be started and completed this year. The triangular shaped park will be just off Guise Street on the way to William’s Coffee.

  City staff is also tinkering with new underground residential parking designs for Pier 8. Proposed changes that could see underground parking consolidated in one area with the inclusion of some public parking. Plans will be presented to councillors next week. They would require a zoning by-law amendment for approval.

A map of the Piers slated to be developed at Hamilton’s West Harbour

  Parking for the public is under continuous study. For years it has been easy to park a car practically at the harbour’s edge and hop off for a stroll. As housing and commercial development continues, that luxury will become increasingly scarce.

  The city plans further public meetings, including one to air out opinion on the proposed 45-story residential tower on the waterfront. Other plans include Walk and Talks around the waterfront-a gesture to improve communication that went underground during Covid.

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