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Lighthouse Future Looks Bright

Lighthouse Future Looks Bright

Lighthouse on Burlington Canal to be Saved

The beleaguered and beloved lighthouse at the entrance to Hamilton Harbour looks like it will be saved, restored and repositioned.

  In a lengthy update of Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority news to the city’s General Issues Committee today, HOPA CEO Ian Hamilton said, “the relocation of the lighthouse could be done as soon as April.”

  This is heartening news to the many people who have fought to protect one of the remaining few lighthouses on the Great Lakes.

   CEO Hamilton had to pack a lot of updates in a time limited presentation to council, so details were scarce.

  Following the GIC meeting HOPA’s director of public affairs, Larissa Fenn, provided more detail on the plans for the lighthouse.

  “We are in active conversations with the federal government with regard to the restoration and repositioning of the lighthouse, and the restoration of the keeper’s cottage, in order to have them be publicly accessible, and to serve as central features of a redeveloped fisherman’s pier public space.

  We believe we are very close to finalizing these discussions, and should be able to release more details in a few weeks.”

The neglected lighthouse once restored could be a major feature of the new Fisherman’s Pier at the entrance to Hamilton Harbour
Kathy Renwald photo

  Fenn says the lighthouse would be moved a short distance to land owned by the Port Authority.

  This positive news, follows the Federal Government’s decision to deep six plans to block public access to the piers at the entrance to Hamilton Harbour.

An unpopular plan to close the piers to the public has been dropped
Kathy Renwald photo

Plans progress for Fisherman’s Pier

  It also seems to shore up the Port Authority plans to make the area around the Burlington ship canal and entrance to Hamilton Harbour, a diverse attraction.

Parks, pop up shops,amenities and the restoration of the lighthouse are all part of the vision document for revitalization. 

Light up the Skyway Bridge

  Hamilton also reported progress on a bold plan to light up the Skyway Bridge.  The mover behind this dream is Patrick Birmingham, the visionary who also managed to throw a dinner party on the High Level Bridge. The Skyway if lit would be a highly visible landmark on the waterfront. Visible certainly from the air at night, as many aircraft fly over the western end of Lake Ontario on their way to Pearson Airport.

A plan to light up the Skyway Bridge could be a major feature of Fisherman’s Pier
Kathy Renwald photo

  Hamilton touched on other Port Authority news including-

-moving Soletanche-Bachy from the foot of Ferguson Avenue out to Pier 15. The company tests pile driving equipment that is heard far and wide in the neighbourhood. Sugar storage will move in to replace the pile drivers at Pier 10. Hamilton projects the move will eliminate 5,000 truck trip on Burlington Street.

-HOPA has installed a sound wall at the food of Wentworth Avenue North to buffer noise impacting nearby homes. In addition equipment called dust sweepers to mitigate dust to residents near Pier 26 will be deployed.

-Another forlorn landmark, the clock where Sherman North meets Burlington Street will be repaired and will tell time.

  HOPA generates 40,000 jobs in Ontario, while handling $3 billion in cargo.

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