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Lieutenant-Governor visits Platinum Jubilee Treaty Forest in Waterdown

Lieutenant-Governor visits Platinum Jubilee Treaty Forest in Waterdown

Waterdown received a Vice-Regal visit Saturday as Lieutenant Elizabeth Dowdeswell presided over a ceremony marking the establishment of a Platinum Jubilee Treaty Forest at Joe Sams Park,  The Lieutenant-Governor tweeted, “the project honours Her Majesty’s 70 years of service and the sacred relationship between the Crown and Indigenous people. May these trees of hope sprout roots of love and resilience for our future.” The party then repaired to the Tea at the White House tearoom in Waterdown for a reception with students, indigenous leaders and community partners.

Located on Centre Road in Waterdown, Joe Sams Leisure Park is a recreation park created through a partnership between Conservation Halton and the City of Hamilton.  Conservation Halton carried out a restoration project to create wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity and restore the natural features and functions of Grindstone Creek where it runs through the park.

The park provides recreation for the community with sports fields, walking paths, a playground and a dog park. Joe Sams Park also has a number of natural areas, including meadows, wetlands and a 2 km section of Grindstone Creek.

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