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Liberals release costed election platform

Liberals release costed election platform

Justin Trudeau, flanked by Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland have released the full Liberal platform which they say is fully costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office.

The platform projects a deficit of nearly 157 Billion in the current fiscal year, reducing to 32 Billion by the end of five years, but the country’s debt charges will increase by $2.7 Billion over the five year window.

New spending will increase by $78 Billion while new revenue will increase by only $25 Billion.

Among the big-ticket items in the platform:

  • Over $30 Billion to implement $10 -a-day childcare
  • $6 Billion to eliminate surgical backlogs in the first year of the term
  • $7 Billion in a health transfer to the provinces earmarked for mental health
  • $525 Million to combat substance abuse
  • $1.7 billion to raise PSW salaries to $25/hr.

In making the announcement, Prime Minister Trudeau referred repeatedly to the abortion issue, in an apparent attempt to portray the Conservatives as having a hidden agenda on the issue, despite repeated declarations by Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole that he is pro-choice and that he will work to extend access to the services.

He was sked what happens if his economic projections that support his costing projections don’t materialize.

The Liberal platform financial estimates can be found here.

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