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Letter to editor

Letter to editor

Editor’s note: Vito Sgro submitted this letter to the Hamilton Spectator a week ago in response to an editorial.

Re: editorial “On saving SoBi,” I was struck by the apparent inconsistency in your editorial on the SOBI situation—” if SoBi is going to live on in some form with support — financial or otherwise — from City Hall, it needs to be a city-wide service. It is not reasonable to expect municipal support for a service that is only available to downtown residents.” Yet the Spectator has spent the last decade or more campaigning for exactly that in the case of LRT—a service that is only available to downtown residents. Nobody has advanced any research that indicates the LRT B-Line will have any appreciable benefit for the bulk of Hamiltonians who live on the mountain or in suburbs. Its simply the replacement of a well-used bus network with a train.

Vito Sgro

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