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Knife-wielding teen robber injures Burlington gas station attendant

Halton Regional Police Service tracked down and arrested a teen aged male who held up a Plains Road Esso station and slashed the fingers of the attendant.

It was  6:10am on Sunday September 6th, 2020, when a lone male entered the Esso Gas Station located on Plains Road and proceeded to jump over the counter with a knife in his hand.   The lone male lunged towards the store clerk causing the victim to put his hands up in order to defend himself.  As a result of this altercation, the victim’s hand was cut by the knife.  The male continued to lunge towards the victim who proceeded to run into the main store area to get away from the knife welding male.  The lone male then proceeded to scoop up  $550 cash from the till before fleeing the Esso on foot.

The victim immediately contacted 911 and police and the ambulance was called.   The victim suffered a large cut to one finger and had the tip of another finger cut off.  The victim was transported by ambulance to Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital where he received a number of stitches.  The victim was eventually released from hospital after receiving medical treatment.

Investigation by Halton Police revealed that the same lone male had attended the Esso Gas Station a day earlier, again, at approximately 6:00am and had attempted to break in through the back door.  The male was confronted by the victim at that time and fled the scene.  As a result, police were able to ID a 16 year old male responsible for the robbery.  

This morning, investigators located and arrested the 16 year old male outside of his Burlington  residence. When they searched the home they found a knife, cell phone, clothing and recovered cash.

A 16 year old young offender from Burlington whose identity cannot be released, faces a string of charges including robbery and aggravated assault. He will be in court in Milton tomorrow.

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