Sunday , 5 February 2023
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Kim Varian takes reins at HPO

Kim Varian is the new Executive Director of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. For the past four years Kim served HPO as the Director of Development and Communications. In a release HPO Board Chair Anne Tennier said, “We are delighted to see Kim step into the Executive Director role. She brings years of strategic management and development experience, and as interim ED, the Board of Directors has been particularly impressed with how she has led the organization through this turbulent time. Her experience and thoughtful leadership has been a tremendous asset that will guide us in the future.”

Music Director Gemma New commented, “Kim is passionate about the HPO and the arts in our community, and she brings a wealth of experience to our orchestra. On a personal note, I am immensely looking forward to working closely with her in building a thriving future for the HPO.”

 HPO staff are working remotely during the COVID lockdown

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