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Keddy Access Trail alive with public art

Keddy Access Trail alive with public art

It will be hard to keep your eyes on the road travelling up or down Hamilton’s Claremont Access. The Keddy Access Trail has a new look. This summer, 6 artists and artist teams got to work on painting murals on barrier walls and the underpass along the trail, as part of the Keddy Trail Street Art Project.

The murals range in size, style, and artistic expression, and aim to capture the sense of balance between the natural environment and cycling, pedestrian and vehicular infrastructure.

To see all the murals:

Artists /Murals:

 • Kayla Whitney–Untitled

 • Clear Eyes Collective–Untitled

 • Dan Bergeron & Gabriel Spector (Fauxreel)-“Through The Trees & Along The Path”

 • Janet Macpherson–Untitled

 • SOWL-“I blue(blew) green like Teal”

 • Nereo Zorro-“We are all in this together”

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