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Just what we needed–deep-fried KD

Just what we needed–deep-fried KD

Its been a long journey for Kraft Dinner since its inception 83 years ago. It was during the Great Depression, when a St. Louis, Missouri salesman had the idea to sell macaroni pasta and cheese together as a package, so he began attaching grated cheese to boxes of pasta with a rubber band. In 1937, Kraft introduced the product in the U.S. and Canada. The timing of the product’s launch had much to do with its success: during World War II, rationing of milk and dairy products, an increased reliance on meatless meals, and more women working outside the home, created a nearly captive market for the product, which was considered a hearty meal for families. And now, in partnership with Burger King and new take on the venerable household staple.

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