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Just STARTING testing in Long term homes—WHY?

Just STARTING testing in Long term homes—WHY?

We were more than a little startled to receive a copy of a directive from the Ministry of Health in conjunction with the Ministry of Long-term Care and Public Health Ontario–ordering local Public Health Officers to institute COVID testing for “every resident and staff at each long-term care home”. It was dated TUESDAY OF THIS WEEK. Residents of the province could be forgiven for assuming that this practice had been underway for weeks now, given the soaring incidence of COVID cases in long-term care and other group settings. Certainly, one would wonder, given Premier Doug Ford’s blowup a couple of weeks ago about the slow pace of testing, why only yesterday were local Health Units ordered to start testing everybody in long term homes. The province reported today that 184,000 COVID tests had been conducted to date. One wonders who in that number would be higher priority for testing than the long term care residents who are being decimated by this virus? For that matter why would Local Health Units even need such a directive? As premier Ford said today under grilling by reporters, “when this is over we are going to have to get answers to these questions, clearly there are some cracks in the ship.”

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