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Judge rules city can shut down homeless encampments

Judge rules city can shut down homeless encampments

The City of Hamilton has been upheld in its policy of removing homeless encampments from City parks and other areas. The ruling came after several days of testimony in a suit launched by the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic on behalf of a number of clients. Acknowledging the problem of homelessness Justice Andrew Goodman wrote in a 75-page ruling, “there are no easy solutions…these issues ought to be left to elected officials, health care and other professionals, social agencies and experts who are best equipped to address the welfare and needs of the homeless.”

Last week Ward Two councillor Jason Farr, whose ward has seen the majority of the encampments, presented submissions by constituents complaining about crime, noise, excrement and drug paraphernalia. The city has argued that it has been successful in finding alternate accommodation for encampment residents but supporters of the encampments day this is not the case.

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