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John Best and Bill Kelly discuss the campaign in Ontario

John Best and Bill Kelly discuss the campaign in Ontario

With the election six days away, polls continue to point to a Ford PC majority. The last six polls taken this week show the Ontario PCs with an average nine point lead over the Liberals and NDP. Both the NDP and the Liberals leaked confidential internal polling to the Toronto Star that said their party was within striking distance in enough ridings to deny Ford a majority but the Poll-aggregating website 338 Ontario is suggesting Ford could get 80 seats which is four more than they won in 2018.

Locally, 338 Ontario is now suggesting Hamilton East-Stoney Creek is leaning towards the PCs after the ouster of NDP incumbent Paul Miller and his decision to run as an independent. Both Miller and Liberal candidate Jason Farr were strong in a televised debate on Cable 14 this week. 338 is also suggesting a possible PC upset in Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas where NDP’er Sandi Shaw is the incumbent. They have declared Flamborough-Glanbrook a safe bet for incumbent Donna Skelly. Hamilton Mountain is listed as leaning NDP where Monique Taylor is seeking re-election.

The week’s campaign was the topic of discussion Friday when Bay Observer Publisher John Best Joined Bill Kelly on CHML.

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