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John Best and Bill Kelly discuss Hamilton’s mayoralty race

John Best and Bill Kelly discuss Hamilton’s mayoralty race

In an interview on CHML’s Bill Kelly Show Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger, said he would be inclined to support NDP leader Andrea Horwath if she chose to run for mayor this fall. So far there has been no word from Horwath on her intentions. The mayor said he reached his decision to not run while on vacation in Amsterdam. He told Bill Kelly that he would like to see a mayor succeed him who would build on the projects he championed, such as LRT, Waterfront development, and work on housing. Later in the show, Bay Observer Publisher John Best and Bill discussed the upcoming mayoralty race and the possible impact of Eisenberger’s withdrawal.

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  • One has to rule out Horwath she in support of the Wynneiberal hydro plan has hurt every hydro rate payer in this province.If she does run for mayor she shows total arrogance.She deserves No support from the Hamilton public.

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