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Interesting testimony coming up in Red Hill Inquiry

Interesting testimony coming up in Red Hill Inquiry

Red Hill Inquiry staff had recently posted an updated witness list that appeared to show some members of council had been dropped as witnesses. But an updated list posted Wednesday shows Tom Jackson, Sam Merulla all JP Danko all back on the witness list with appearance date to be determined. Only former councillor Chad Collins has been removed.  Inquiry documents show minimal involvement by members of council in the matter until the time in 2019 when council was officially made aware of the Tradewind Report into friction issues on the RHVP.  Indeed six months passed from the September 2018—the time the new head of Engineering discovered the report and the notification of council and the public in February 2019. Toronto lawyer David Boghosian was also dropped from the earlier witness list but now he also will be back on a date to be determined. He acted as advisor to the city after the Tradewind report was discovered  and the city had fought having his correspondence released on the grounds of solicitor-client privilege.

That still leaves a number of city employees who are slated to testify in the coming weeks. Jasmine Graham is a city communications specialist who worked on the crisis communication plan the city developed to deal with the public fallout. Nicole Auty was city solicitor during the time the issue blew up. Mike Zegarac was acting city manager at the time and it was he who apologized to council for the way the matter was buried. Dan McKinnon who became General Manager of Public Works in 2016 was the manager who orchestrated the removal of Gary Moore, the Director of Engineering from that post. He appointed Gord McGuire to replace Moore and it was McGuire who discovered the Tradewind Report. McKinnon and McGuire will each be on the stand for three days in October. McKinnon retired from the city in the aftermath of the sewage spill affair and his testimony will be eagerly anticipated, as he is one of very few witnesses who are not an employee of the city, nor expect to be  consulting for the city. The departures of McKinnon and the head of Water, Andrew Grice in the fallout from the spill were seen in some quarters as scapegoating in order to appease a panicky council who took a lot of criticism for sitting on news of the spill.

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