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Innovative drone startup lands in Hamilton

Innovative drone startup lands in Hamilton

A company that specializes in developing drones for performing industrial inspections with greater safety is coming to the former Spectator Building.

Skygauge Robotics is a Hamilton based drone startup developing drones for industrial work applications. Skygauge was co-founded in 2016 by CEO Nikita Iliushkin, Chief Designer and inventor Linar Ismagilov, and CTO Maksym Korol. The company vision is to create a workforce in the sky.

Skygauge has developed drones for industrial applications, designed to reduce the time involved during inspections, while improving operator safety by keeping them from working at excessive heights. The startup’s drone design enables it to make direct contact with pipes, pressure vessels, and storage containers at varying angles to detect cracks beneath the surface with sensors during inspections that are typically performed by workers on ropes and scaffolding.

Skygauge Robotics originally was founded in 2016 out of York University’s Best Hub incubator. They have travelled across the US, China, and the UK to develop their technology and work with clients. In 2021, when it came time for their permanent home and headquarters, they looked to Hamilton, Ontario, and the city’s emerging innovation district.

“I’m originally from Hamilton” says founder Maksym Korol, “but when we started looking for a home, we considered Hamilton, the GTA and Waterloo. Waterloo was expensive and remote with no special value to us. The GTA was very expensive in the downtown and not the kind of place that we could develop and test robotics hardware technology, while the outskirts were still very expensive and felt very dreary.”

 Hamilton-based Forge & Foster is repurposing and redeveloping several, formerly defunct spaces in Hamilton’s Innovation District as new spaces for new breakthroughs. Their Annex space at Frid and Chatham streets features several multi-purpose facilities capable of accommodating anything from firms focused on research and development, or science and technological innovations, to breweries, coffee roasteries and artist studios.

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