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If it’s Tuesday, it’s Burlington City Council

If it’s Tuesday, it’s Burlington City Council

Starting Tuesday Jan. 19, City Council meetings will take place on Tuesday afternoons at 1 p.m., from their previous day and time of Monday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  Residents can participate in council deliberations in several ways:

Watch meetings live

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, all City meetings continue to be held virtually. Residents are encouraged to visit to:

•             Watch a live web cast of all city meetings

•             Find links to view a copy of the agenda items being discussed at city meetings

•             View video recordings of previous meetings.

Ways to communicate with Burlington City Council

•             Residents can speak at an upcoming Committee or Council meeting – Speaking, or delegating, at a board, committee or City Council Speakers (delegates) are given 10 minutes to share their comments at a Committee or board meeting, and five minutes at a City Council meeting. Registration is required to speak at a meeting and comments must relate to an item on the agenda. Learn more

•             They can also make a presentation at an upcoming Committee or Council meeting – Local boards, agencies, commissions, City staff and other levels of government may submit a request to make a presentation at an upcoming standing committee meeting. Presentations must address matters relevant to the city and seek to provide information or receive input from members of the Committee. Presentations are heard at the beginning of Committee meetings and a maximum of 10 minutes is provided. Learn more

•             Submit  correspondence – the Office of the City Clerk can assist in distributing correspondence from the public to member of City Council. Learn more

•             Submit a petition – The Office of the City Clerk accepts petitions related to matters listed on an upcoming standing Committee agenda. A petition is a written request signed by more than one member of the public in support of a shared cause or concern. A petition may be presented in paper format, electronically or using an online system for petitions. Learn more

•             Contact Councillor directly – Residents may contact  members of Council directly about city and regional matters. All members of Burlington City Council are also Regional Councillors at Halton Region. Contact information for City Council is available at htpp:// .

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