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Home Politics HUPEG addresses some of the Bulldog Criticisms over First Ontario Arena

HUPEG addresses some of the Bulldog Criticisms over First Ontario Arena

This week the Hamilton Bulldogs announced plans to relocate to Brantford due to the renovations that will be taking place at First Ontario Centre starting later this year that are being carried out by HUPEG, the consortium who are taking over Hamilton’s entertainment facilities. In making the announcement, team owner Michael Andlauer expressed frustration with what he termed a failure to keep him in the loop with about how his OHL team fits into the picture with HUPEG and the lack of an offer of a lease. Earlier this year when the closure of the arena was announced, Andlauer had complained that he had been led to believe the arena could function during renovations, and he was now forced to scramble to find an alternative site. Meanwhile Mayor Andrea Horwath and Ward Two Councillor Cameron Kroetsch have described difficulty in accessing the confidential agreement that was signed between the city and HUPEG. Jasper Kujavski of the HUPEG group appeared on the Bill Kelly Show Friday to address some of the concerns.


  • The way this sounds, HUPEG reached on on January 20, 2023 and that’s it! So I don’t blame the Bulldogs one bit. HUPEG has dropped the ball on this.

  • secret agreements with a private consortium being given control of a public asset. sounds like the secret agreement Tradeport signed with the City for control of our airport. remember that one? its still in place. the City signed a forty year secret lease with Tradeport giving the consortium carte blanche and no council oversight. Tradeport pledged to turn Munro into a modern, bustling, thriving enterprise bring jobs and cheap travel for Hamiltonians. hasnt worked out that way at all. quite the opposite in fact.

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