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HSR Launches a New Mobile App for Trip Planning: HSRnow

Planning HSR trips and finding out when the next bus is coming gets easier. As the HSR attempts to lure back riders who abandoned public transit during the COVID lockdown,  HSR has launched HSRnow, a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

The launch of the app comes as the HSR has implemented schedule changes on that took place on Saturday.

The HSRnow mobile app is free to download and use. Customers can download the app by visiting This fresh trip planning option was funded through the federal government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) and is one of many projects that support the City’s 10-Year Transit Strategy that strives to grow the ridership.

Customers can use the app to:

•             Plan their trips from A-to-B;

•             Get real-time next bus information for close-by stops;

•             Sign up to receive stop and route notifications, and text or email alerts.

•             The new mobile app joins a family of HSRnow real-time trip planning products including online, phone (IVR), SMS-text, and terminal signs.

•             The HSRnow mobile app, along with the other tools in the HSRnow suite of trip planning products, were developed with HSR’s long-standing vendor Trapeze Software Inc.; Trapeze is an international leader in delivering full-scale software solutions for the transit industry.

Customers using other mobile apps or services to obtain their HSR bus information (e.g.: Google Transit, Transit App, MonTransit) may continue to use these apps and these products will continue to work as they always have. HSR remains committed to providing real-time bus information as part of the City of Hamilton’s Open Data initiative, so that customers have choices for which service they prefer to use.

More information on the HSRnow suite may be found at

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  • I have always used “Triplinx” it is free, accurate and easy to access. Surely we could have made better use of that cash? How many apps do we need?

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