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Horwath releases mayoralty campaign platform

Horwath releases mayoralty campaign platform

Hamilton Mayoralty candidate Andrea Horwath released her platform Monday. In the preamble she listed her committee appointments on Hamilton Council after her election in 1997. “Since 2004, it has been a privilege to serve Hamiltonians as the MPP for Hamilton Centre. Now, I am honoured to run for Mayor of this city I love,” she wrote.

She listed the following as her priorities:

To make Hamilton a great place to live.

o             Tackle housing affordability every single day to make it easier for everyone to rent or own in Hamilton.

o             Fix the basics like sewers and roads.

o             Increase transparency and make City Hall a place Hamiltonians can trust.

To make Hamilton a great place to work and prosper.

o             Diversify our economy, creating good, well-paying jobs that folks can raise their families on.

o             Never stop expanding public transit, making it easy and affordable to get to every community in Hamilton.

To make Hamilton a great place to raise a family and grow old.

o             Make it safe for people to walk, bike and drive.

o             Invest in protecting our environment.

o             Make Hamilton welcoming, clean, and safe for every person who calls it home.

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  • My goodness, I was waiting for a campaign that had priorities. This is a list of headings of issues crying out for proposed solutions.
    Not good enough Andrea. I am still in the Loomis camp.

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