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Homelessness and LRT topics on Cable 14 Public Affairs Show

Cable 14 is airing a Public affairs program called QCC- Questions, Complaints and Concerns. Hosted by Tara Crugnale the program is focused mainly on the local political scene. On the April 5th program Tara and guests Alex Bishop and Vito Sgro discussed the recently-passed City of Hamilton budget, and then discussion turned to the affordable housing crisis and the fact that Metrolinx has taken a number of affordable homes out of service along the route while council has yet to come up with a plan to meaningfully address the issue. Time has not changed the opinions of Vito Sgro who campaigned for Mayor in 2018 in opposition to the LRT project.

The full broadcast is available here


  • Has anyone brought up the question: “As the proposed stops are 800m apart…who’s going to want to walk up to 400m to get to an LRT stop?”

    Yes, a good deal of people will live a reasonable distance away from a stop…the proverbial luck of the draw…but what about the rest, who might be the elderly, the physically-disadvantaged, those encumbered by shopping and the such?

    Will there be shuttle buses? Will the King 1 run as it currently does, affording the rider the option of getting on a bus to get to an LRT stop?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    • Preliminary plan released years ago showed a local bus that mainly ran along Dunsmuir, until Dunsmuir ended

    • there will be King Street bus service along Main and King available for people that want to use that.

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